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My name is Umar Phul and I created ‘the only way out is in’ because I want to help people overcome their mental health struggles with the tools that dramatically helped me.


I have had bipolar disorder since the age of 16 (I’m now 32) so have suffered for 16 years until I discovered:

As someone who has been through the ‘Psychiatric System’ I can say first hand their Treatments of Anti-Depressants and Anti-Psychotics do not really Heal You, they only treat the Symptoms. The Side Effects were not pleasant and ultimately they were dampening my Creativity and Energy in the process. Psilocybin on the other hand helped remedy my Illness on every level: Mentally, Spiritually and Energetically.I strongly believe it will be the future of Mental Health Care and I want to help spread the word.


Yoga and Plant medicines showed me that the only way out is in 🙏


  • I have Bipolar Disorder Type 2 and I am seeing a forward thinking Psychiatrist who is successfully treating me with High Dose Thyroid (Levothryoxine) and a Blood Pressure Medication (Verapamil). These Medications Do Not contradict Psilocybin and Ayahuasca.

  • The Psilocybin-Ayahuasca Chocolates are not necessarily a panacea to all your problems or issues. They are just an exceptional tool that enables Healing. The word to ‘Heal’ means to make Whole Again . That’s how the Chocolates can make you feel even if only temporarily.

  • You will still need to practice Yoga and Meditate daily to really experience Full Mental Well Being. 

  • The Psilocybin-Ayahuasca Chocolates are not enough by themselves to help fully control and manage my Bipolar Type 2. I still need to take medication because Bipolar is a Pathological and Genetic Disorder. Due to a Faulty Gene 🧬 in people with Bipolar they cannot convert Thyroid properly therefore they need to supplement it with High Dose Thyroid Hormone. At these high doses the general population would not be able to handle that much Thyroid Hormone in their systems however the Bipolar population can due to their Abnormal Genes. This can be discovered by a simple gene test: ‘LifeCodeGX’. ‘Thyroid Balance Report

  • Please see a Doctor if you are having any Mental Health Issues. I see an amazing Psychiatrist who helps me to keep my mood under control without using heavy drugs.


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