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Sitting in a Communal Bath

Cold Therapy

Cold Therapy is an inspiration from the ‘Wim Hof Method’. The idea is to expose yourself to the Cold.

There are many health benefits by having Cold Showers daily. To begin first start with a regular warm shower than take ten deep full breaths. After that you turn the shower to the Coldest possible setting. You stay in the Cold for 30 secs. Just focus on your breath. Up the cold exposure everyday by 30 seconds until you can stay for 2 min 30 seconds.

You will feel more alert, stimulated, invigorated and alive. Your immune system will get stronger. Your heart health will improve as it is a great cardiovascular exercise.

A Cold Shower can help to alleviate Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Fatigue. You gain more Clarity immediately! You won’t need to drink coffee if you do this as you will already be Awake and Energised for your day :)

Take two Showers a day, once in the morning when you wake up and once in the evening before going sleep. Lukewarm/Cold Showers in general when practicing Yoga are recommended as they do not only Physically cleanse you, but also cleanse your Mind and Energy. Prepares the Body and Mind to make you more Receptive to your Daily morning Yoga practices.

Your Mind and Ego will hate doing it at first but your Soul will Thank You instantly for it after.

As the wonderful Wim Hof says:

‘A Cold Shower a Day keeps the Doctor Away!’

Blessings to you all. Just do it! You wont regret it :)



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