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Plant Medicines

Plant Medicines such as Psilocybin and Ayahuasca found their ways into my life when I was losing all HOPE for my Mental Health.

After seeing the positive Clinical Research results of Psilocybin treating ‘Treatment Resistant Depression’ and for treating ‘End of life Cancer patients’, I discovered by chance that a lady was selling these Legal Psilocybin and Ayahuasca Chocolates.

I took them and they were hands down the Best Thing I have done for my Mental Health. It helped me to REALISE what was really important in this LIFE we have been given. That is ‘LOVE’. Love for Being Alive, Love for your Friends and Family, Love for the Planet, the Universe and your-SELF.

It most definitely feels like a s

Spiritual Re-birth and Reset for the MIND, BODY and the ENERGY holding it all together 🙏

DISCLAIMER: Speak to your Doctor before taking any psilocybin mushrooms

Floating Flowers

How to do a chocolate ceremony


- I am not a Doctor or a mental health specialist. I am just someone who is experienced with plant medicines. Please consult your Doctor before taking Psilocybin Chocolates.

- Psilocybin will not necessarily be a panacea to all your problems however it can be an essential tool for healing. This is just a guide for those who are going to take the chocolates.

- Dr James Fadiman who wrote ‘The Psychedelic  Explorers Guide’ recommends that if you take a high dose psychedelic to only do so once every 6 months to properly integrate the experience.

- Please practice Yoga and Meditation regularly to experience spirituality naturally without the aid of an outside tool. 

- My Psychiatrist cannot condone my Psilocybin taking as it is not currently a Medical Treatment.. Psilocybin is on track to becoming a Legally Approved Medical Treatment in the next three years (2023/2024). This is due to the current research taking place internationally which are producing excellent results with Psilocybin successfully treating end of life distress in Terminal Cancer Patients, and for mananaging to treat ‘Treatment Resistant depression’.

- Please see some of the research taking place in London currently at

- If you would like to attend a Safe, Legal and Ethical Psychedelic Retreat you can visit

- Synthesis Retreats is supported by a team of Medical Experts who are pioneering research in the field.

- Synthesis Retreat is supported by Dr Robin Carhartt Harris who is leading the Psilocybin Research taking place at Imperial Univesity 

When done correctly a Psilocybin-Ayahauasca Chocolate Ceremony can:

  • Heal and Reset you on All Levels: Physically, Mentally, Energetically and Spiritually

  • Clear any Mental or Physical Blockages

  • Can make you not Fear Death

  • Can Eradicate ALL Addictions : Smoking, Cannabis, Ppioids, Alcohol, Gambling, Pornography etc

  • Can make you stop Compulsive Behaviour 

  • Can provide much needed Clarity and Purpose

  • Turns you INWARDS to make you realise you are NOT the BODY and NOT even the MIND. Experience your True Essence and Inner Being to the Fullest

  • Heal and Process past Traumas

  • Can connect you to the Spirit  of Mother Ayahuasca

  • You can feel the Spirit of The Plants 

  • Creates Nuro-Plasticity in the Brain. Shakes it up like a snow globe giving you fresh snow in the Brain to make new Positive Pathways in the Brain.

  • It is the  Ultimate Healing Medicine  which needs to be treated with Full Respect 🙏

  • Will make your Heart Explode with Love and Bliss for your Self, for The People in Your Life and for Creation itself. 

  • Alleviates Depression and Anxiety

  • Can save you from Sucidal Thoughts

  • Negativity gets replaced with Positivity during a Ceremony

  • Takes the Default Mode Network (DMN) in the Brain Offline which is responsible for Rumination and Over-Thinking about your Self in the Brain. It takes the Self away for You to experience UNION (Yoga)  with the Universe

  • One does not need to necessarily do a Ceremony to experience UNION. One can achieve the same outcome with Daily Practice of Yoga. Please see my Isha Yoga page to get started. It can transform your life if you let it 

  • The Only Way Out Is In  🙏

When taking the chocolates the most important things to focus on are Set and Setting.

Your ‘Set’ is your Mind Set. How are you feeling? What are your intentions? Why do you want to take the medicine? What insights and healing do you want to receive?

If you are not ready to do the trip please do not force it. Remove all pressure from yourself and only do it when it feels right for you. Only do it if you feel a calling to the medicine.

An alternative to taking Psilocybin by yourself is to participate in a Safe, Legal and Ethical Retreat at Synthesis in Amsterdam. There you can participate in a truffles containing Psilocybin Ceremony where you will be supervised by a Team of Medical Professionals. They will professionally assist with you ‘Set’ and ‘Setting’

Setting’ is literally your surroundings and space. It needs to be sacred and comfortable. For this to happen simply follow my Setting Guide. Everything mentioned in this list can be purchased from 🙏

What you will need:

  • Yoga Mat

  • Comfortable floor chair

  • Ceremony bowl to hold the chocolates 

  • Earphones\AirPods

  • East Forest 5 hour mushroom  therapeutic soundtrack -

  • Fully charged smartphone to stay in airplane mode for no interruptions. Used only for music.

  • MindFold - Blind fold to explore your inner space to the maximum

  • Water

  • Phillips Hue Mood light

  • Incense to awaken the senses

  • Pillow and Blanket for comfort

  • Acess to a toilet

You can order most of these essential trip items directly from ‘Amazon’ where i have made and ‘Ceremony Essentials List’. If you do not have acces to you may also get these items from the Towoisin Shop🙏

Ceremony Steps


Step 1: On the day of the Ceremony eat Vegan. The Chocolates contain Banis Caapi Vine (Ayahuasca) therefore its best for your system to be clean as possible before the Ceremony.

Step 2: Go for a 30min walk in Nature on the day of your Ceremony, before doing the Ceremony, to clear your Head and settle your Mind. This is very important as you feel like you are bonding with Mother Nature before, during and after your trip. You will bring in all the positive energy and bond from your walk into the trip.

Step 3: Don’t eat 4 hours before ingesting the Chocolates. You need empty stomach condition to experience the Chocolates to the fullest.

Step 4: Set up your Ceremony Space. Find a room that makes you feel Safe and Comfortable. Make sure the Space is tidy and clean. Put on a Philips Hue Light to set a relaxed mood in the room. Light some incense to awaken the senses and also positively change the energy of your space. 

Step 4: For a beginner/light trip it is recommended to take 1 Chocolate (1 gram of psilocybin) then wait 1 hour then take another 1/2 a Chocolate. If you feel like you want to take more wait another 1 hour and take another 1/2. You can keep

doing this routine until you have consumed 3 chocolates in Total.

NOTE: The Chocolates are primarily a combination of Psilocybin, Raw Cacoa (heart opening) , Ayahuasca and other healing plants/herbs from the Amazon. Even though they contain the Banis Caapis Vine part of a regular Ayahuasca brew, it does not make one feel nauseous or sick. Purging (vomiting and diahorea) does not occur when one is on Chocolates.

For somebody who wants to do a Full Trip and receive Maximum Healing take 2 Chocolates, after 1 hour take another 1 Chocolate. If you feel like you want to take more wait another 1 hour and take another 1 Chocolate. You can 

keep doing this routine until you consumed 5-8 Chocolates in Total.

Step 5: Before ingesting the Chocolates its best to make a Prayer and Set your Intention whatever that maybe. Once ingesting the Chocolates it takes roughly 30 mins for the trip to begin. In this time it is best to do Isha Kriya to align all your energies and settle your nerves so as to ensure you have a beautiful journey.

Step 6Put on your Mindfold, insert your Earphones/AirPods and Play the 5 hour East Forest Mushroom Soundtrack. This will help you to Relax and Fully Surrender to the Experience. The Mindfold is essential because it allows you to go Deep into Your-Self without any distractions. One can close their eyes and go into a Deep Meditation then open their eyes at any time and still be in the same Meditation because the Darkness allows your State and Energy to stay uninterrupted. You do not have to wear it for the whole trip but it is advisable to wear it as much as possible. You can take it off at anytime and take as many breaks as needed

Step 7: Your trip will last anywhere between 5-12 hours. When you feel like your trip is coming to its natural end take the time to make a closing prayer to End the Ceremony and to Thank the Medicine.

Step 8: Take the next days, weeks, and months to Reflect on your potentially life-changing experience. Keep doing Isha Kriya or ‘Inner engineering daily as it will keep your energies aligned and bring you into that same Blissful State naturally.

Step 9: If you would like someone to discuss your trip to help you to integrate your experience please get in touch :)


Legal Psilocybin Retreat

If one would like to take Psilocybin Legally under the supervision of a team of Doctors, Therapists and Specialists you can visit Synthesis Retreat in Amsterdam. They will assist you with your Mind Set and help to create the ideal Setting for a trip.

If you're interested in discovering more about safe, legal and ethical psychedelic retreats, you can visit

Synthesis Retreats is supported by a team of medical experts who are pioneering research in the field.

Their most popular Retreat they offer is the Core 3 Day Retreat. It costs $3000 which is All-Inclusive. Before attending the retreat you have to book a call with Synthesis and complete a Health Screening Form .

The three days are as follows (taken from Synthesis Website):


After arriving at The Lighthouse, the main focus of your first day will be 1-on-1 conversations with your lead facilitators to help clarify your intentions during the retreat and calibrate your dose level. We will also discuss whether you want to optimize your experience for creativity on a professional level, for personal development or are seeking a mystical experience.


On the second day of the retreat, you will participate in the ceremony, consuming the truffles containing psilocybin at either a low, moderate, or high dose. You will be fully prepared and comfortable in a setting perfectly optimized for your needs, allowing you to make the most of your psychedelic experience.


The retreat’s final day centers on the integration workshop. You will discuss and receive guidance on how to process your experience and integrate it into your life going forward. This will allow you to bring your newfound insights back with you and make concrete, meaningful changes.

Essential Reading


How to Change Your Mind

by Michael Pollan

Written by an Award Winning Journalist this book talks about the current psychedelic renaissance in scenctifc research to treat mental health. It also gives an excellent breakdown of the history of Psychedelics.

10/10 Must Read!


Psychedelic Explorer's Guide: Safe, Therapeutic, and Sacred 

James Fadiman, PHD

- Presents practices for safe and successful psychedelic voyages, including the benefits of having a guide and how to be a guide 
- Reviews the value of psychedelics for healing and self-discovery as well as how LSD has facilitated scientific and technical problem-solving 
- Reveals how ultra-low doses improve cognitive functioning, emotional balance, and physical stamina 


Listening to Ayahuasca: New Hope to Depression. Addiction, Ptsd, and Anxiety

By Rachel Harris. PHD

When National Geographic Adventure published an article in 2006 about the powerful antidepressant effects of ayahuasca, the piece received a phenomenal reader response. That article struck a chord with psychotherapist Rachel Harris, who had encountered many clients unresponsive to traditional therapy and antidepressant protocols. Used for more than 8,000 years in the Amazon rainforest, ayahuasca is a powerful psychedelic that has distressing gastrointestinal side effects. Yet Harris found many willing to try it, so deep was their suffering. Harris here shares her original research (the largest study of ayahuasca use in North America) into its effects on depression, anxiety, and PTSD, along with her own personal experiences. By detailing ayahuasca’s risks and benefits, she aims to help those driven to investigate ayahuasca to do so safely and to give their psychological caregivers a template for transformative caring and healing.

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